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Estate Administration

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Sometimes a loved one passes away without a will

Everyone needs a will, yet a large percentage of people will fail to get one.  Like a good insurance policy, a good estate plan will make sure that your assets are divided how you want when you pass away.
Probate administration is a time-consuming and difficult process.  We help you at every stage of the probate administration and make sure that
For a variety of reasons, many people fail to prepare a will or other estate planning documents.  We can help guide you through the court process when your loved one has passed on unexpectedly.

David Coates

Brian Caldwell



Licensed to practice law in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, Mr. Coates has helped clients with estate planning and probate administration in all four states.  He has the insight and knowledge to help you navigate the probate process with
A native of Southeast Tennessee, Mr. Caldwell worked in long-term care insurance for many years before joining Coates Caldwell.  A premiere litgator, Mr. Caldwell handles the firm's court appearances and trials.  He also teaches at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga as an adjunct professor.